Humidification for wood industry

Wood is sensitive to both dry and damp air

Wood is a natural product that reacts to the ambient air. It absorbs water and swells in damp conditions and releases water, thereby shrinking, when the air is too dry. This means that wooden products can shrink, crack and distort, thereby losing their value or falling outside the required size or measurements.


Wood is workable for longer with the right humidity


Wood will be unaffected by the ambient air when it is kept at the right relative humidity. Wood that is affected by shrinking or swelling will have a reduced value, or may even be unusable.

  • Wood can warp

  • Wood can crack

  • Avoid loss and wastage


The KOMO-hallmark guarantees the quality of, among other things, wood products. The KOMO-hallmark is awarded by independent experts after inspection so it is of vital importance that the woodworking and storage areas are always kept at the correct humidity. A couple of points to note:

  • Untreated wood should be stored in areas with a relative humidity of 55% (SKH Publication 98-04)

  • When using a flash-off the humidity should be at least 70% RH. (SKH Publication 98-04)

Houtindustrie bevochtiging Cumulus

Less dust in the workshop


Another advantage of the correct humidity is that it reduces the levels of dust in the workshop. The moisture in the air binds with the dust particles making them heavier. They then fall to the ground instead of floating around in the air. This in turn produces a more comfortable work environment.

And an extra advantage: in warm weather the adiabatic humidification even provides a cooling effect.

Cumulus increases the economic value of wood


For the wood industry, the quality and condition of the wood is critical. As the Dutch market leader in custom-built humidification systems, we have been helping manufacturers and craftsmen alike find the right humidity to preserve the quality of their production since 1991.

  • Our experts co-wrote ISSO 55.3 (the guidelines for Legionella safe installations)

  • All our installations comply with the ISSO 55.3 Publication guidelines

  • TÜV Nord have certified that our installation systems comply with VDI 6022

  • We meet the guidelines as outlined in the TNO Hospital Report

  • We have the biggest maintenance network in Benelux

For free advice on safe, energy-saving humidification solutions tailor-made for your business, contact us here.

We don’t need static electricity as part of our production process. Cumulus humidification reduces the fire risk and helps our production process run more smoothly.

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Remco Tournier

ICL Gasket Solutions

Our clients expect a consistent quality. With a Cumulus humidification system I can provide that. It is an affordable system that works perfectly. It’s the best on the market!

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Reinard Veider

Reutz GB

Wood is sensitive to moisture levels. It shrinks, warps, and cracks. A Cumulus installation creates a stable humidity. That is essential for our production process and our KOMO certification.

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Frans Sosef


Thanks to Cumulus’ flexible lease options our presses can run at full throttle. Fewer production stops, a consistent quality, and a stable process ensure a better return.

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Theo Sprenkels


Flour dust allergies are a very common problem in the bakery branch. Cumulus humidification reduces flour dust and creates a healthier and more comfortable indoor climate.

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Alfred Schweitzer

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