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The right advice and a good quality design for your humidifier; these are even more important that the components themselves. This ethic forms an essential part of the Cumulus humidification concept.

Advice and Engineering

Smart engineering and the selection of the right components is essential in order to create a low maintenance, energy efficient humidifier. Installing a humidifier is not as simple as placing an air-conditioning unit. The humidifier needs to work in harmony with the existing HVAC units. A further important part in selecting a humidifier is the water treatment unit. This unit will keep the humidification system Legionella safe and good quality water will help in keeping the system maintenance at a minimal level. A poorly designed system will cause cold draughts, have a high energy usage, high maintenance costs and even risk Legionella contamination. Our advisors will gladly design the best humidification system for your specific situation and requirements.

Custom-Built and Fully Supported

Our technical advisors are passionate about designing the best humidification system to suit your needs. This includes both the water treatment and the humidification systems. In designing these systems for you we also provide calculations showing the different energy usage and highlighting potential savings so that you can compare the different humidifiers.

Cumulus design and build units that are specifically engineered to meet your demands. We are able to offer such a tailor-made service because, once a new system has been designed, we control the engineering, production and assembly ourselves. We work with direct lines of communication and so can operate faster than most people expect. We offer the best solution and without delays. Do you have a challenge for us? We will gladly accept!

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