Heesen Yachts

Process industry Oss, The Netherlands


Heesen Yachts, in Oss, build luxury 40 to 80 metre yachts for customers all around the world.



Humidification is essential for delivering quality to the client. Not only when building the yacht itself, but also when building and fitting the furniture, and the applying the varnishes. We designed a system especially for Heesen Yachts whereby the humidification level is completely even throughout the main construction hall. This gives the best quality finish to the varnish.


“It is very important to us that the people working on the project have a comfortable work environment.” The Cumulus humidification system, tailor-made for Heesen, results in an extra pleasant climate in which to work.


“Heesen’s own technical advisor made the decision to go with Cumulus.”

After a visit by Cumulus, where we were able to show them the level of quality we deliver, Heesen decided to set sail with us! Today we still undertake routine maintenance work for Heesen and they are always happy to speak to new clients to provide a reference.

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