De Vries chicory

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A chicory grower from the North-East Polder, De Vries grows chicory from A to Z. That is to say, from seed to the processed end-product. De Vries grows and stores chicory roots and then grows his own chicory plants.



Humidification is important for chicory as this is a vegetable requiring lots of moisture. Both in the field and in cold storage chicory needs moisture in order to grow and to stay in the best condition.


De Vries choose Cumulus because our “humidification system delivers the finest water droplets” and then De Vries continues: “It has to be the finest water droplets possible in order to penetrate the crate and surround the product.” De Vries wanted to get the best possible results with the humidification.


“Cumulus give the best advice and we work very well together.” De Vries recommends us not just because we know about humidification but also because we understand the “the whole product”. Today we provide De Vries with routine maintenance work and he is always happy to speak to new clients to provide a reference.

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