Maintenance & Service

Cumulus ensures that your systems continue to operate, day after day, year after year.


Preventative Maintenance

Our most basic maintenance contract is a Preventative Maintenance Contract. This contract is recommended as a minimum to ensure the correct functioning and maintenance of your humidification system. We also provide the tools and information to support you in your responsibility in keeping the installation Legionella free. The Preventative Maintenance Contract consists of a yearly service, billed once the service has been carried out. If you wish to have your humidification system checked more than once a year, we will be glad to assist you further.

Full maintenance

A Full Maintenance Contract may be a better solution for some of our customers, particularly where humidification is essential for the production processes. Both labour and materials are included in the contract, offering a fixed price with no surprises. We can further include in this contract a guaranteed call-out time, ensuring that you get the highest level of service and keep your humidifiers running.

Service Plus Contract

For customers who don’t require a Full Maintenance Contract but would prefer more cover than that as offered by our Preventative Maintenance Contract, our Service Plus Contract is the ideal option. The Service Plus Contract provides extra maintenance and servicing reducing the risk of a need for minor repairs. During this service, oil and salt levels will be checked and topped up, and any necessary minor repair work will be carried out. Labour costs are included, but parts and materials will be billed separately.


Cumulus is a medium-sized company specialised in adiabatic humidification. Not everyone is able to service and repair these humidification systems but, should any problems arise, we have a team of specialised mechanics who will be able to assist. Our first step following a mechanical failure will be to try and solve the problem by telephone. Frequently the problem will have arisen due to other issues such as a low water pressure, or an incorrect control signal from building management system. Dependant on the outcome we may need to arrange an engineer to visit. This will usually be on the following day, or sometimes even the same day. Our engineers are generally able to carry out any repairs immediately as they carry a large stock of spare parts in their company vehicles.


All Cumulus mechanics have followed an in-house training programme providing them with the knowledge to repair and service both humidifiers and water treatment units. If you prefer to service the machines yourselves we can also provide training to your own team of company mechanics.


Cumulus services both humidifiers and water treatment units. We advise you to let us service your installations at least once a year to ensure both reliability and Legionella safety.


Despite designing and constructing high quality humidification systems, repairs may sometimes be necessary. Should this occur you are assured of our immediate assistance.


Cumulus offer a free one year warranty on all of our systems, should they be maintained according to our guidelines. This can be extended to two or three years if purchased in combination with a service contract at the time of installation. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us or email


Cumulus geeft zekerheid bij storing

As the Dutch market leader in custom-built humidification systems, we have taken on the task for more than 2,000 clients since 1991.

  • Our experts co-wrote ISSO 55.3 (the guidelines for Legionella safe installations)

  • All our installations comply with the ISSO 55.3 Publication guidelines

  • TÜV Nord have certified that our installation systems comply with VDI 6022

  • We meet the guidelines as outlined in the TNO Hospital Report

  • Extensive maintenance network

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