Cooling in the plastics processing companies

Most machinery producing plastics, produces not only the final product as intended, but also unintended warmth. However many companies have discovered that the adiabatic humidification used to humidify the production hall also gives free cooling!


Lower energy bills with adiabatic humidification


It’s really quite simple: adiabatic humidification expels cold water mist into the production hall, which also cools the temperature of the air. For each litre of water absorbed there is a cooling effect of 0.68 kW. This cooling effect is a free bonus of adiabatic humidification.

Indirect adiabatic cooling (air handling units)

The water can also be misted into the return air stream of an air handling unit. A thermal wheel or crossflow exchanger transfers the cold to the supply air stream. This is known as indirect adiabatic cooling. Many companies have been profiting for years by using this form of cooling in their production halls.

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We take care of everything


Our specialists are trained to focus on every last detail. The cooling generated must be greater than the internal heat load in the ventilation space. The saturation point must never reach 100% as this will cause precipitation. And importantly, the installation must be Legionella safe.

Attention to details such as these are our highest priority. This is why our experts co-wrote the ISSO 55.3 Publication and why we are accredited with TUV VDI 6022 certification (hygienically working systems). We take care of these details so that you don’t have to worry about them.

Trust in our capabilities


Many plastics companies could save extra on their cooling by using adiabatic humidification. We are the Dutch market leader in custom-built humidification systems, which is why since 1991 more than 2,000 clients have chosen Cumulus.

  • Our experts co-wrote ISSO 55.3 (the guidelines for Legionella safe installations)

  • All our installations comply with the ISSO 55.3 Publication guidelines

  • TÜV Nord have certified that our installation systems comply with VDI 6022

  • We meet the guidelines as outlined in the TNO Hospital Report

  • Extensive maintenance network

For free advice on safe, energy-saving humidification systems, tailor-made for your business, contact us here.

Other projects

We don’t need static electricity as part of our production process. Cumulus humidification reduces the fire risk and helps our production process run more smoothly.

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Remco Tournier

ICL Gasket Solutions

Our clients expect a consistent quality. With a Cumulus humidification system I can provide that. It is an affordable system that works perfectly. It’s the best on the market!

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Reinard Veider

Reutz GB

Wood is sensitive to moisture levels. It shrinks, warps, and cracks. A Cumulus installation creates a stable humidity. That is essential for our production process and our KOMO certification.

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Frans Sosef


Thanks to Cumulus’ flexible lease options our presses can run at full throttle. Fewer production stops, a consistent quality, and a stable process ensure a better return.

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Theo Sprenkels


Flour dust allergies are a very common problem in the bakery branch. Cumulus humidification reduces flour dust and creates a healthier and more comfortable indoor climate.

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Alfred Schweitzer

Schweitzer GB