Schweizer Bakery

Food industry Germany


Schweizer is a medium-sized German bakery with 4 shops and around 40 employees.



Alfred Schweizer is allergic to flour dust himself and so as a baker does everything possible to reduce it. We investigated the situation and found that the most flour dust was in the areas around the work tables and the ovens, which was caused by the extraction units. After installing a humidification system the flour dust levels in these areas reduced significantly.


Our humidification system also improved the work climate conditions. The staff were pleased to discover that the humidification system also cooled the air, which had frequently become unpleasantly warm from all the running machinery.


“From experience I can say that we have come another step further in reducing flour dust in our bakery.” Today we still undertake routine maintenance work for Schweizer and they are always happy to speak to new customers to provide a reference.

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