Roto Smeets printing works

Process industry Velp


Roto Smeets was a printing house in Velp producing commercial print work such as magazines and comics.



Paper is a natural product and as such is susceptible to contorting and misshaping. To avoid misshapen pages and to ensure the high quality of their print work Roto Smeets chose to use humidification.


Roto Smeets decided on Cumulus because we deliver “a very reliable system”. Roto Smeets already had experience with integrated systems that just didn’t work properly but “Cumulus just does the job” – said Ron van Elderen.


“Cumulus deliver a good price/ quality ratio and offer very good service on top” according to Roto Smeets. The installation performed perfectly and the only time our engineers were needed to visit was to carry out the periodic maintenance. “The product just does what it’s supposed to”.

Roto Smeets described Cumulus as a “reliable partner” with “a very reliable product”.

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