Virupa - Full-service signage company

Process industry Aalten


Virupa is a full-service signage company in Aalten, producing indoor and outdoor signs, presentation displays, and a full range of digital and interactive products.



Virupa produce all the indoor and outdoor signage and presentation displays themselves in their own premises. As the number of machines increased, so did the temperature in the production hall. The air became dryer, the static electricity build-up increased, and the print quality took a dive.


Elwin Bullée, Chief Operations Officer at Virupa, first met Cumulus at a trade fair. After a frank discussion they asked us to come up with a plan for their specific situation.

As specialists in the graphics industry we understood exactly the problems Virupa were facing and could advise them on which type of humidification system would be most suitable.


Today we still undertake routine maintenance work for Virupa and they are always happy to speak to new clients to provide a reference.

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