Humidification for bakkeries

Humidification is crucial to the baking process. Yet many bakkeries miss out on higher production capacites because of the wrong humidity, whilst the monthly energy bills and maintenance costs are consistently too high.


Bread yields more with adiabatic humidification


Whilst steam humidification would seem to be relatively cheap, in the long term adiabatic humidification delivers a whole lot more. Further, the correct humidity results in a faster cooling process, a better flavour and aroma, and prevents dehydration.

  • Lower energy use (75% more economical than steam humidification!) and lower maintenance

  • 100% ultilisation of the proofer capacity by means of advanced atomisation (crust formation)

  • Smart use of nozzles makes oil, along with all of its disadvantages, unnecessary. (air bubbles from sticky dough, harder cleaning, damage to the Teflon coating) - read here how we cleverly make oil redundant

Bakkerij bevochtiging Cumulus

Less medicine and fewer masks in the bakery


Many bakers are troubled by flour dust or Baker’s Asthma. The use of humidification in key areas, such as by the flour bins, causes the flour dust to fall to the ground rather than remaining suspended in the air. Further, the dust will not float around in the air for as long as the water mist makes the dust heavier.

We tackle the problem at its core so that bakers may continue to work without the use of medicines, or even masks.

Cumulus verhoogt de opbrengst en smaak van brood


De opbrengst van bakkers is afhankelijk van luchtbevochtiging. Als marktleider in Nederland op het gebied van maatwerk luchtbevochtiging, helpen wij al sinds 1991 diverse bakkers aan een optimale luchtbevochtiging die de opbrengst en de smaak van brood verhoogt.

  • Onze experts schreven mee aan ISSO 55.3 (richtlijn legionellaveilige installaties)

  • Al onze installaties voldoen aan de richtlijnen van de ISSO 55.3 Publicatie

  • TÜV Nord heeft onze installatiesystemen gecertificeerd conform de VDI 6022

  • Wij voldoen aan de richtlijnen uit het TNO rapport ziekenhuizen

  • Wij beschikken over het grootste onderhoudsnetwerk in de Benelux

Vraag hier vrijblijvend advies aan voor een luchtbevochtigingsoplossing die veiligenergiebesparend en volledig op maat voor u ontwikkeld wordt.



Other projects

Our clients expect a consistent quality. With a Cumulus humidification system I can provide that. It is an affordable system that works perfectly. It’s the best on the market!

Reinard Veider Reutz GB.jpg

Reinard Veider

Reutz GB

Thanks to Cumulus’ flexible lease options our presses can run at full throttle. Fewer production stops, a consistent quality, and a stable process ensure a better return.

Theo Sprenkels Kostendrukkers.jpg

Theo Sprenkels


Flour dust allergies are a very common problem in the bakery branch. Cumulus humidification reduces flour dust and creates a healthier and more comfortable indoor climate.

Alfred Schweitzer Schweitzer GB.jpg

Alfred Schweitzer

Schweitzer GB

Wood is sensitive to moisture levels. It shrinks, warps, and cracks. A Cumulus installation creates a stable humidity. That is essential for our production process and our KOMO certification.

Frans Sosef ITS BPG.jpg

Frans Sosef


We don’t need static electricity as part of our production process. Cumulus humidification reduces the fire risk and helps our production process run more smoothly.

Remco Tournier ICL Gasket Solutions.jpg

Remco Tournier

ICL Gasket Solutions