Reverse Osmosis Units


A reverse osmosis (RO) unit forms an essential part of a durable and Legionella free humidifier. The ultra-fine filtration removes bacteria and minerals from the water. The Cumulus reverse osmosis units are specifically designed for use with humidifiers.

Reverse Osmosis

A reverse osmosis unit (also known as an osmosis unit or an RO unit) is a type of filter. A semi-permeable membrane removes bacteria, calcium carbonate, and other minerals from the water. The ultra filtration means that about 97% of all minerals are removed, and 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses. The water is so pure that it has no taste, and is unsuitable for drinking. However it is perfect for humidification purposes as it is safe and will not clog or damage the nozzles, so prolonging the lifetime of the humidifier. The units are also low maintenance and reliable. It is essential to use a reverse osmosis unit to avoid negatively impacting the climate inside the building. Without an RO unit, the dissolved minerals will be misted along with the water causing dust and white deposits to spread throughout the building. This dust is often corrosive and can damage machinery as well as irritating the lungs.

The advantages of reverse osmosis units:

  • Increased Legionella safety
  • Prevents humidification dust
  • Prevents clogging of the nozzles
  • Prolongs the lifespan of the humidification unit
  • Reduces the need for regular servicing

Cumulus produce a wide range of reverse osmosis units, from the economically priced Cumro E unit to the high-quality Cumro HQ which comes with extra options, such as a conductivity sensor.

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