High Pressure Humidifiers for Open Spaces

Reliable, low energy usage, easily scalable, and safe

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High pressure humidification is perfect for humidifying large capacities of water ranging from 20 l/hr to thousands of litres per hour. The system is extremely energy efficient and can be used in many different situations. The high pressure atomisation produces tiny droplets that evaporate quickly.

How the System Works

A high pressure humidification system consists of 3 main components: the central water treatment and pump unit, the humidifiers, and the control units. Humidity sensors check the humidity levels in the relevant areas. When the humidity drops below the set point for a particular area, the reading from the sensor triggers the control unit. The control unit starts the high pressure pump. Once this is running at 80 – 100 Bar, it starts the humidifiers. The humidifiers atomise the water and expel the droplets on a jet of forced air where they then quickly evaporate. This means that no water drips down to the floor and the moisture is distributed effectively throughout the area. The whole system can work on a stand-alone basis or be integrated into the HVAC system.

Drip Free

High pressure humidifiers atomise the water directly into the air so it is very important that the droplets evaporate fast. To facilitate this the water is atomised with a pressure of 80-100 Bar creating tiny droplets of 10-20 μ. The evaporation trajectory is then decreased by the action of the internal swirl chamber within the nozzles. The fan creates air support for the droplets, further assisting the evaporation rate. This innovative technology produces a drip free unit; there’ll be no puddles on the floor with a Cumulus high pressure humidifier!

Low Energy Consumption

Cumulus high pressure humidifiers atomise and evaporate cold water. The energy required to evaporate the water droplets is extracted from the air itself. This energy is in the form of warmth, generated by a highly efficient heating system. The high pressure pump is a low energy consumer. Overall the whole system is much more efficient than an electric humidifier. The energy savings can mount up to 75% as compared to an electric steam humidifier, resulting in a payback within 1 – 2 years.

Legionella Safe

All Cumulus high pressure systems comply with the strict German standard VDI 6022 and are approved accordingly by the TÜV Nord. We strongly recommend the use of a reversed osmosis system to remove the viruses and minerals from the water and to ensure clean water for the humidifiers. This will prevent corrosive dust deposits caused by the minerals in the water and, even more importantly, remove the lethal Legionella bacteria. The reverse osmosis system is seamlessly integrated in our products. This integration prevents the need to coordinating different suppliers and the design of the RO is optimised for humidification. The integrated WaterFresh control further ensures Legionella safety.

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The Advantages

  • Low energy consumption
  • Reliable
  • Flexible and easy to scale up
  • Legionella safe
  • Low maintenance
  • No AHU required
  • Drip free
  • Stand-alone unit
  • Free adiabatic cooling

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