Electric steam humidifiers


Cumulus is a distributor of DriSteem steam humidifiers. These electrical steam units are ideal for air handling units and ductwork. They are low-cost and the units are easy to install.


The DriSteem electric humidifiers are the best on the market in terms of quality and performance. There are two types of humidifiers: electrode and resistive. The electrode humidifiers have a lower purchase price. They also require less maintenance and can evaporate reverse osmosis water.

Resistive Humidifiers

The DriSteem resistive humidifiers are the most durable steam humidifiers on the market. The units are available in capacities of 2.7 l/hr up to 129 l/hr. Up to 16 humidifiers can be connected to one control unit. Supplying the humidifiers with water purified by reverse osmosis filtration provides a 100% safe and low maintenance system.

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The Advantages of a DriSteem Humidifier

Unique Water System

The unique water filling system makes it possible to fill the DriSteem humidifiers from above. By skimming and draining the mineral rich water, which rises during the boiling process, the mineral deposits in the humidifier are kept to a minimum.

Vaporlogic Control

Accurate and precise humidification is achieved by the Vaporlogic control. The unit can be used to check the humidifiers and to receive maintenance alerts. It is even possible to remotely control the settings. This unique control unit means it is possible to monitor the system and to provide remote support if required.

Electrode Humidifiers

Electrode humidifiers are the most commonplace on the market. They are easy to install and have a very low outlay. The unique water system means that the humidifiers need less maintenance than other electrode humidifiers on the market, and they have a longer lifespan. The units are available in capacities of 2.7l/hr up to 129 l/hr. Up to 16 humidifiers can be connected to one control unit.

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