Air Assisted Humidifiers

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Cumulus air assisted humidifiers are ideal for industrial installations. The nozzles are low maintenance and easy to install. Air assisted humidifiers are suitable for installations with a low to medium demand of up to 40 l/hr. Where there is already an air compressor available the units can be installed at a relatively low cost. The system is economical, uses little energy, and is drip free!

How the System Works

The Cumulus air assisted humidifiers work by means of nozzles and compressed air to atomise the water. The nozzles are specifically designed to spray very small droplets which evaporate fast without dripping. The unique patented design of the self-cleaning nozzles keeps them free flowing even in hard water areas, rated up to 8 on the German system.

No Drips

The Cumulus air assisted humidifier creates a very fine mist and is suitable for use in confined spaces and areas with a short evaporative trajectory. The volume and drop size can be adjusted independently for each individual nozzle head by means of the flow controllers. Adjusting the system volume to suit each specific area further eliminates dripping.

Low Energy Usage

Cumulus air assisted humidifiers atomise and evaporate cold water. The energy required to evaporate the water droplets comes from the warmth in the air. This is heated by a highly efficient heating system, the end result being far more efficient than an electric steam humidifier. The energy saving can mount up to 75% compared to an electric steam humidifier, resulting in a payback within 1-2 years. Further, the nozzles can be hung directly in position without the need for an AHU.

Legionella Safe

All Cumulus air assisted systems comply with VDI 6022 and are approved by the TÜV Nord. We strongly recommend the use of a reversed osmosis filtration system to remove minerals and bacteria from the water supply. Mineral deposits can cause both dust and corrosion, whilst bacteria pose health risks. Our integrated WaterFresh control system further protects against the Legionella bacteria.

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The Advantages of Air Assisted Humidification

  • Very fine and adjustable atomisation
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Low energy usage
  • Low maintenance
  • Self-cleaning
  • Extremely reliable and durable
  • Can be used for fluids other than water

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