‘Static electricity would cause problems for our production. Cumulus humidifiers ensure that our production processes run smoothly, and increase the fire safety.’

Remco Tournier • ICL Gasket Solutions

‘Wood can split and crack. Cumulus humidifiers create a stable humidity. This is vital for both our production process and for our KOMO certification.’

Frans Sosef • ITS BPG

‘Flour dust allergies are a common problem for bakeries. Cumulus humidifiers suppress the flour dust, creating a healthier and more comfortable climate.’

Alfred Schweitzer • Schweitzer GB

‘The flexible lease option from Cumulus means that we can utilise the full capacity of our printing presses. Cumulus humidification has reduced our wastage costs, improved the product quality, and ensures a constant quality with more efficient production.'

Theo Sprenkels • Kostendrukkers

‘Our customers demand a high and consistent quality. Cumulus humidifiers enable us to provide this quality. It is a perfect and affordable system. The best on the market!’

Reinard Veider • Reutz GB

Why Is The Correct Humidity So Important?

We often do not realise how much the humidity can affect us. The human body is not able to measure humidity levels, and yet low humidity can have a great effect on us and our comfort. Dry lips, dry skin, irritated eyes and mucous membranes are all signals that the humidity is too low. Products and work processes are also affected by the humidity levels in the air. When the humidity drops a Conference pear wrinkles, paper warps and tears, mushrooms develop brown spots, and computer chips can be damaged by static electricity. These are only a few examples of the problems Cumulus solves on a daily basis!

Our Customers Talk About Cumulus

Cumulus is a market leader in specialised humidifiers 

Cumulus has been known since 1991 for its innovation and pro-activity in the field of humidification systems. Adaptability and speed are our key values.We strive to provide the perfect climate for you and your business and in doing so, no obstacle is too high and no country too far away.

Our humidifiers have kept the humidity under control for over 25 years, and for more than 2,000 satisfied customers every day.

Custom built, energy efficient, and 100% safe humidification

Cumulus specialises in flexible, custom built humidification systems, designed and manufactured by us to fit your project-specific demands. Our humidifiers are absolutely safe and are the lowest energy users on the market, saving up to 75% in energy consumption as compared to your current units. We supply the entire humidification system, from the mains water tap right down to the nozzle humidifying the air. Our humidifiers are certified by the TÜV NORD and are fully compliant with the strict hygiene rules VDI 6022.

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We can arrange for you to visit one of our existing customers to see our humidifiers at work.