Cumro Express

The Cumro Express - the ‘plug and play’ solution for perfect water for your offset printer
If you are searching for a complete integrated water treatment unit for your offset printing press then the Cumro Express is the perfect solution. The unit has been designed in collaboration with Manroland to meet all the specific demands of the offset printing press.

Stable Water for Printing Presses

A stable printing process starts with stable process water. The traditional way to install a new water treatment unit would be to separately purchase each component required for the system, and then assemble it on-site. This method needs a professional engineer on location and is expensive and fraught with potential problems in both the assembly and quality.

The Cumro Express is a complete ‘plug and play’ water treatment unit for offset printing. The installation is easy. The device is delivered complete with water softener, reverse osmosis filters, and dosage pumps. Once connected to the mains water, drainage system, and of courses the presses themselves, it’s ready to commence operation. Calibration is quick and easy as it comes with preset parameters.

The system comes with various options such as a break tank with CA back-flow protection should local legislation not allow the dosing pumps to be directly connected to the water supply, a second dosing pump for roller washers, alarms to signal that the canisters are almost empty, and an integrated conductivity meter etc.

The Cumro Express has the following advantages:

  • Provides stable process water for the printing presses
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • A complete system with perfectly aligned components.