TVVL Presentation

TVVL Presentation

Late Afternoon Presentation on ‘The Legionella Safety of Cooling Towers and Air Humidifying Units in Practice’  


The ISSO publication 55.3 on legionella prevention in cooling towers and humidifiers has recently been revised.  Oscar Nuijten, an expert from the ISSO academic association, will be reviewing this publication with a particular focus on legislation and risk.

Robert van der Lande will present on the general workings and models of cooling towers, the available water treatment systems, and legionella free alternatives.

Ron Brands will present on the differences between adiabatic humidification (cooling) and electric steam humidification, energy consumption, and legionella prevention measures.

Robert van der Lande is from Thermica, a supplier of, among others, Baltimore open and closed cooling towers.

Ron Brands is from Cumulus Nederland BV, a manufacturer and supplier of adiabatic air humidifying systems.


Our programme:

16.00 – 16.30 Welcome

16.30 – 16.40 Openings speech by Heijmans

16.40 – 17.10 Oscar Nuijten (ISSO)

17.15 – 18.00 Robert van der lande (Thermica)

18.00 – 18.30 Break, with sandwiches provided

18.30 – 19.00 Ron Brands (Cumulus Nederland BV)

19.00 – 19.15 Discussion and opportunity to ask questions

19.15 – 19.30 Informal session with a chance to network, and drinks