It is important to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses among the patients in a hospital. Many patients will have reduced immunity making them vulnerable to infection. Research has shown that bacteria and viruses spread much faster in an environment with low humidity, making it essential to keep the humidity at the right level.

Selecting the Right Humidification System

There are many different kinds of humidification systems, the investment costs, energy usage, and total cost of ownership of which can differ significantly. No matter which kind of humidifier you need or prefer, we can provide it for you. Historically, only steam humidifiers were used in hospitals as they are considered to be 100% Legionella safe. As a top manufacturer of humidifiers we are more than conscious of the risks that that the Legionella bacteria can pose. However, due to recent advances in technology the risk of Legionella bacteria contaminating the system can be completed eliminated once the proper measures are taken. Our systems are designed following the latest advances in hygiene and are serviced accordingly. We have accreditation from TÜV Nord and our systems are fully certified and comply with VDI 6022 and ISSO 55.3. In short, our systems comply with the most stringent hygienic guidelines.

Adiabatic Humidifiers

Adiabatic humidifiers have many advantages. They use less energy and require less maintenance. Yet the biggest savings can be achieved by dispensing with the need for a central steam plant. Many modern hospitals no longer use the steam plant for heating, laundry or disinfection purposes meaning it remains only to serve the humidification system. By applying a new system of humidification the steam plant can be rendered obsolete, resulting in lowered investment and maintenance costs. It is also interesting to consider replacing or renovating any existing units as the costs can be recouped over a relatively short period of time.
Adiabatic humidification systems are becoming the preferred option for the general treatment rooms, hospital wards, offices, and public areas.

Steam Humidifiers

Hospitals still prefer to use steam humidification in operating theatres and by intensive care units.. The choice of options is based both on the demand and the sources available and range from a small electrode boiler to steam-to-steam systems that feed from a central steam boiler. The quality of the feed water here is vital; only clean water produces clean steam and the regular steam from a central boiler cannot be used directly. It is possible to combine steam humidifiers with adiabatic systems, all sharing the same water treatment unit.

Selecting the Right Humidifier

Designing a humidification system for a hospital is something that needs to be done with great care. Our technical advisors will work with you to design the system most suited to your needs. Together we can look at the advantages and possible applications of the different sorts of humidifiers available. With our experience and broad product portfolio we will support you during every step of the project.
A Cumulus humidification system provides the following benefits:
Expert advice and project support
Investment savings due to a reduced need for a steam plant
Lower maintenance costs
A reliable solution
Lower energy usage
Legionella safe