The Textile Industry

Humidification and the Textile Industry
Does your production line stop because of yarn breakage, or do you have problems with static discharge? Then there’s every chance that the humidity level is too low. This can easily be resolved by a humidification system.

The Problems Caused by Low Humidity

When the humidity is too low the threads and fibres rubbing together cause a static charge to build up. This in turn causes the fibres to stick together, affecting the production process. The elasticity of the threads is reduced as the air draws the moisture from the fibres, which in turn causes more frequent yarn breakages. As the threads continue to dry out the products may even shrink so that the sizing is no longer correct. Further, static discharge may occur which, as well as being unpleasant, causes delays in production and is a fire hazard. 

The Advantages of Humidification

Many problems can easily be avoided by the use of a humidification system. By adding moisture to the air, the threads no longer dry out or stick together and electrostatic discharge is avoided. Humidification provides the following advantages: 

  • Faster production
  • Fewer halts in production through thread break
  • No electrostatic discharge
  • Improved accuracy with cutting and threading 

Selecting a Humidification System

Are you thinking of buying a humidifier or are you looking for a way to adapt your current system to better suit your needs?  Then do not hesitate to contact us and one of our technical advisors will be pleased to offer you advice tailor-made for your business.  We offer all types of humidifiers, from steam humidifiers or gas heated systems to air assisted and high pressure humidifiers. Our experts will also look at:

  • Energy use
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Legionella safety
  • Reliability

Test What a Humidifier Can Do For You!

If you want to know how much a humidification system could save you, then contact our advisors who will be pleased to calculate the savings for you. It is also possible to rent a humidifier on a trial basis. The cost of the hire will be partially deducted from the purchase cost by the installation of a permanent system, so you can proceed in confidence!

Cumulus Humidifiers at the Textile Museum in Geldrop

Here you will see Cumulus humidifiers at work in the Textile Museum in Geldrop. Humidification was essential for these working antique looms. It also assists in faster production. If you want to know what humidification could do for you then do not hesitate to contact us.