The Tobacco Industry

Dried-out, tasteless tobacco, or cigars and cigarettes that fall apart during production; these are all problems caused by low humidity and can easily be prevented by using the right humidification system.

Humidification during Tobacco Processing

It is very important to keep the humidity at the correct level whilst processing tobacco. Tobacco is hygroscopic meaning that dry air will absorb the moisture from the tobacco leaves. The optimal level for tobacco processing is a humidity of 65%. If the air is too dry the taste and quality of the tobacco will be affected. The leaves will shrink, becoming more fragile, and there will be a loss in weight. The tobacco will quite literally fall out of the cigarettes. Regulating the humidity provides the following advantages:
• Preserves the quality of the tobacco
• Increases the production speed
• Prevents weight loss

Humidification and Tobacco Storage

It is very important that tobacco does not dehydrate during storage. Dehydration greatly impairs the taste and quality of cigars, which are themselves a luxury product with taste and quality being the key points. This is why many cigars are stored in a humidor with a humidifier to prevent dehydration. A humidifier provides the following advantages:
• Prevents dehydration of the tobacco
• Reduces weight loss
• Maintains the quality for an enhanced smoking experience

Custom-Made Humidification Systems

As a manufacturer of humidifiers for numerous tobacco companies we understand that selecting a humidifier is not something you will do often. However, a humidifier will be a vital part of your HVAC installation for many years to come. It is also vital for production that the unit keeps working efficiently since it will play such an influential part in your company’s output. Our technical advisors will assist you in selecting the most suitable humidifier for your needs. Our systems will be custom built for your business, taking into account everything from investment and running costs to the total cost of ownership, to reliability and Legionella safety.
We can also supply a rental construction so that you can test the benefits of humidification for yourself. If you then prefer to purchase a system, the rental costs can be partially deducted. A Cumulus system offers the following advantages:
•    Low energy usage
•    Reliability
•    Safety
•    A long term solution
•    Fast service