Dust Reduction

Humidification for Dust Reduction
Do your work processes cause dust problems during production? In a paper mill for example, by waste treatment, woodworking, recycling, or with flour dust in your bakery? Humidification or water atomisation may be a way to suppress the dust, improve the working environment, and thus increase productivity.

Dust Reduction and a Healthy Working Environment

The standard solution in reducing dust levels is to increase ventilation and filter the air. However a humidifier, or atomiser for use with coarser dust particles, solves the problem at source. By positioning a humidifier at the place where the dust is created, a water curtain is formed. The dust particles will absorb the water in the air, making them heavier and causing them to stick together. They will then drop straight to the ground, where they may be easily removed, instead of drifting through the working environment.
As well as improving the health of your employees, the dust will no longer spread around the factory and into the machinery. This saves money on both cleaning and maintenance.

Selecting a Humidifier

As a manufacturer of humidifiers for numerous companies we understand that selecting a humidifier is not something you will do often. However, a humidifier will be a vital part of your HVAC installation for many years to come. It is also vital for production that the unit keeps working efficiently since it will play such an influential part in your company’s output. Our technical advisors will assist you in selecting the most suitable humidifier for your needs. Our systems will be custom built for your business, taking into account everything from investment and running costs to the total cost of ownership, to reliability and Legionella safety.
We can also supply a rental construction so that you can test the benefits of humidification for yourself. If you then prefer to purchase a system, the rental costs can be partially deducted. A Cumulus system offers the following advantages:

  • Low energy usage
  •  Reliability
  • Safety
  • A long term solution
  • Fast service

Savings on Ventilation

Using a humidifier to lower the dust load can reduce the ventilation rate saving on energy usage and therefore costs. In short a humidifier can offer you the following advantages:

  • Healthier working environment
  • Reduction in dust
  • Reduced need for ventilation
  • Reduced energy usage, and costs, by the ventilation system

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