No customer would buy an expensive yacht with a poor quality finish. Yet cracked varnish and dust in the paintwork are risks you run if the humidity is not kept under control. A humidifier takes away the gamble and  prevents this from happening.

Humidity and Wood

Many luxury woods are used in outfitting yachts and these woods are susceptible to changes in the humidity. When the humidity is too low, the wood shrinks and may warp or crack. In a market like the yachting industry, where quality is of vital importance, it is necessary to keep the humidity regulated. This prevents the wood from dehydrating and thereby shrinking and cracking. It is also necessary to comply with humidity guidelines in order to be awarded the Dutch KOMO accreditation, which guarantees quality in woodworking. A humidifier provides the following advantages:
•    Prevents wood shrinking and cracking
•    Prevents wood warping
•    Meets standards for quality labels

Humidification for Varnish and Paint

All paints and varnishes used for industrial purposes in the Netherlands are water based. This makes the paints and varnishes susceptible to changes in the humidity. If the humidity is too low the drying time is affected and this can damage the finish. In some cases the results may even be so bad that rework is necessary. This causes delays and extra expense.  A humidifier will prevent all these problems and provides the following advantages:
•    Even drying of the paint and varnish
•    No production delays caused by dehydration
•    Lower dust levels

Custom-Made Humidification Systems

As a manufacturer of humidifiers for numerous companies we understand that selecting a humidifier is not something you will do often. However, a humidifier will be a vital part of your HVAC installation for many years to come. It is also vital for production that the unit keeps working efficiently since it will play such an influential part in your company’s output. Our technical advisors will assist you in selecting the most suitable humidifier for your needs. Our systems will be custom built for your business, taking into account everything from investment and running costs to the total cost of ownership, to reliability and Legionella safety.
We can also supply a rental construction so that you can test the benefits of humidification for yourself. If you then prefer to purchase a system, the rental costs can be partially deducted. A Cumulus system offers the following advantages:
•    Low energy usage
•    Reliability
•    Safety
•    A long term solution
•    Fast service