Nursing Homes

Humidifiers for Nursing Homes
It is vital to try to contain the spread of germs and viruses in nursing homes. Many of the residents will have a lowered immunity making them more susceptible to illness and infection. Research has shown that bacteria and viruses spread faster when the humidity is low. Controlling the humidity slows the spread of airborne viruses and provides a more comfortable climate for the residents and staff.

The Advantages of Humidification in Nursing Homes

Everybody wants their elderly parents, and then later even themselves, to be well-cared for in a comfortable environment. As a society we invest in high quality buildings specifically designed for this purpose. Nursing home residents are frequently vulnerable people with low immunity and needing extra care. However, this doesn’t just stop at nursing care; the living environment also needs to be carefully controlled. The specially designed HVAC installation runs at a higher temperature, which in turn causes the humidity to drop. The ventilation may also be increased in order to keep the building fresh, further lowering the humidity levels.However, a lowered humidity needs to be prevented at all times to stop dehydration and to reduce the transmission of viruses and bacteria. Dry air causes complaints such as irritated eyes, cracked and sore skin, sore throats, and voice loss. Both the residents and staff will be affected. Humidification reduces these complaints as well as reducing sick leave among the employees by curtailing the spread of viruses. In short, a humidification system provides the following benefits:

  • Less irritation from dry, cracked skin
  • Less irritated eyes
  • Reduced dust levels in the air
  • Reduced transmission of viruses and bacteria
  • Fewer instances of sick leave

Selecting a Humidifier

Cumulus offer a wide selection of humidifiers, including steam and adiabatic models. Our engineers design each system with the customer’s specific needs in mind. Further, our humidifiers will integrate perfectly with your existing HVAC system. We aim to strike the perfect balance between investment and running costs, with an eye to reducing energy usage, all without compromising on Legionella safety and reliability. Should any issues arise our engineers offer fast and effective support. Cumulus humidification systems provide you with the following advantages:

  • Humidifiers compatible with existing HVAC systems
  • Economical humidifiers with low energy usage
  • Safe humidification
  • Reliable humidification
  • Fast, qualified support in the event of any problems

An Interesting Fact about Humidification and Nursing Homes

An HVAC installation in an office operates 50 hours per week or 2,600 hours per year.
An HVAC installation in a nursing home operates 24 hours a day, so 168 hours per week or 8,736 hours per year.
A humidifier in a nursing home works 300% harder than an office humidifier!