Humidifiers for Museums
No one wants to see a warped Van Gogh with cracked paint. However without careful control of humidity levels there is every chance of this happening. Antiquities and works of art need to be protected against the effects of dry air and fluctuations in humidity. A Cumulus humidifier will protect your antiquities and works of art.

Protecting Artworks

Valuable artworks and antiquities are stored and exhibited in museums and their depots. To avoid damaging the many pieces highly susceptible to even slight changes in the humidity, both storage and display need to be managed carefully.
Materials like wood, paper, and linen are highly hygroscopic and will loose moisture when the humidity drops too low. This dehydration causes irreversible damage. The fibres in the material start to shrink forming cracks. A humidifier keeps the moisture in the air at a sufficient level to prevent this from happening. A humidifier therefore provides the following advantages:
•    Protection against cracking
•    Protection against shrinkage
•    Reduction in static electricity
•    A more comfortable environment for visitors and employees

Custom-Made Systems

Cumulus engineers design each system together with the customer to ensure it that it perfectly suits their needs. Further, our systems are customised to perfectly integrate with your existing HVAC system. We aim to strike the perfect balance between investment and running costs, with an eye to reducing energy usage, all without compromising on Legionella safety and reliability. As the market leader in humidification systems we have an expert team with a broad and specialised knowledge. Should any issues arise our engineers offer immediate and effective support. Our Cumulus humidification systems provide you with the following advantages:
•    Humidifiers compatible with existing HVAC systems
•    Economical humidifiers with low energy usage
•    Safe humidification
•    Reliable humidification
•    Fast, qualified support in the event of any problems