Plastic Processing

A well-known problem by plastic processing is that of static discharge. This can sometimes be so intense that the sparks will literally fly off hitting anyone or anything in the vicinity. Materials become statically charged due to friction and, when the humidity is too low, the charge is unable to dissipate and sparks form. This can easily be avoided by using a humidifier to increase humidity levels.

The Electrostatic Boundary

Static electricity can cause many problems ranging from materials sticking together to electrostatic discharges. These discharges are very unpleasant for employees, sometimes making it impossible to work. In some cases they pose an even greater risk because these charges can ignite highly flammable substances or dust, causing a fire.
When two materials touch, electrons may move from one surface to the other leaving one positively charged, and one negatively charged. When the surfaces separate the charge imbalance remains until it can flow away by means of a current or by an electrostatic discharge.
These problems can be prevented by the installation of humidifiers. The unit increases the humidity and the water in the air acts as a conductor making it possible for the static charge to release. This prevents the following problems:
•    Materials sticking together
•    Static discharges

Custom-Built Humidifiers

As a manufacturer of humidifiers for numerous plastic-working companies we understand that selecting a humidifier is not something you will do often. However, a humidifier will be a vital part of your HVAC installation for many years to come. It is also vital for production that the unit keeps working efficiently since it will play such an influential part in your company’s output. Our technical advisors will assist you in selecting the most suitable humidifier for your needs. Our systems will be custom-built for your business, taking into account everything from investment and running costs to the total cost of ownership, to reliability and Legionella safety.
We can also supply a rental construction so that you can test the benefits of humidification for yourself. If you then prefer to purchase a system, the rental costs can be partially deducted. A Cumulus system offers the following advantages:
•    Low energy usage
•    Reliability
•    Safety
•    A long term solution
•    Fast service