Are there complaints in your office about dry air, dry eyes, staff losing their voice, or is there a high sickness rate due to colds and flu? Then the office building probably suffers from low humidity. Research has shown that the air in over 20% of offices is as dry as that of the Sahara desert with a relative humidity of 25%, and that 10% have a humidity of below 23%, which is as dry as Death Valley! Knowing this, it will now not surprise you to hear that the productivity, health and comfort of the staff are adversely affected. All unnecessarily as there is a simple solution.

Humidification for Health and Productivity!

A comfortable working climate is important for a productive environment. If the air is too dry it will affect the productivity of your employees. Dry air is uncomfortable, resulting in complaints and loss of concentration. People who are complaining are not working!
Is it fair to complain about low humidity? Yes, it is. If the humidity is too low the air will extract moisture from the environment and this includes the people in it. This causes them dry eyes, making it impossible to work with a computer because the user has to focus on the screen all day. Contact lens wearers are especially affected. There will also be more cases of sore throats, voice loss, and allergic reactions because dust spreads more easily in dry air. Viruses and bacteria will also spread faster. Research has shown that the influenza virus will spread three times faster in air with a relative humidity of below 30%, as compared to a humidity of 50%. If you want to keep your employees healthy and productive it is imperative to keep your relative humidity under control!

The Advantages of an Office Humidifier

A humidifier will ensure that the relative humidity is raised to the appropriate level. This gives the following advantages:
•    A reduced transmission of the influenza virus
•    Less absence due to illness
•    Mucous membranes will work better (increased resistance to disease)
•    Prevents loss of voice
•    No or less irritation of the eyes (especially for contact lens wearers)
•    Less dust
•    No static electricity
•    A comfortable working environment


Test now how Dry your Office is!

Before investing money in a humidifier it is important to know that the humidity is too low and the problems, you experience, are really caused by the humidity levels. To support you, we have following special offer.

For only  €50.- we will offer you our data logging devices which will measure the humidity in your office. We will check the data on the loggers and give you a full report on the humidity levels in your office. Next we will work out a proposal with you how any problems can be solved.