Clean Rooms

Research and high-tech production need to be carried out in a consistent and controlled environment. Here relative humidity is an important factor. Research or production may be rendered worthless if the humidity was too low or had fluctuated. Furthermore, delays in production resulting from too low a humidity need to be prevented.

A Stable Humidity

Research needs to be carried out in a controlled environment. The obvious factors to consider are dust and temperature, with clear definitions for the acceptable levels in clean rooms. However this also applies to humidity. The reality is that humidifiers are not installed in every laboratory or clean room. If the correct atmospheric conditions cannot be met or replicated, the experiment or production process will be delayed. The risks and costs involved will be high; it may be necessary to rent another clean room and to move equipment, results or products may have to be scrapped and reworked. Errors and quality issues can result in delays in delivery and financial claims from the customer. Such problems can easily be prevented by the installation of a humidification system. Your employees can then spend their time on your core business.

Custom-Built Humidifiers

Cumulus specialise in solving humidity problems. Our experienced technical advisors will provide you with a personal analysis detailing the recommended solution for your needs. We have as many different solutions as customers! Do you need to humidify specific areas or the entire building? Should it be integrated into the air-handling unit or stand-alone? What is more important, the running (energy) costs, the outlay, or the total cost of ownership? A steam humidifier or an adiabatic system?
Our advice includes a clear overview of the lifespan, energy costs and maintenance costs of our humidification systems. We offer all relevant technologies from steam and high-pressure humidifiers to ultrasonic humidifiers; we will always be able to provide you with the best solution.

Save up to 75% on your Energy Usage

Cumulus have over 20 years of experience in adiabatic humidification. Our systems have been tested by the TÜV Nord and certified according to VDI 6022. Our systems comply with the most stringent guidelines on humidification.

We will gladly help you in choosing the best humidifier, ensuring that you get a reliable, energy efficient, and totally safe product.