Mushroom Farming

Humidification for Mushroom Farms
Mushrooms need a high humidity in order to grow! It will therefore not surprise you to learn that many of our customers are active in mushroom farming. Both the air and the compost need to be kept moist. Without humidification dry layers can develop in the compost, which increases the risk of green mold. By positioning the humidifiers carefully they will also generate additional cooling to help lower the growing temperature.

Humidification for Mushroom Growers

For mushroom growers, it is not a question as to whether humidifiers should be used, but rather which technology and how many. Mushrooms need humid conditions to grow and so without humidifiers mushroom production cannot be guaranteed. The quality of the mushrooms will also suffer if the humidity is too low, which in turn affects sales. It is further important to keep the humidity at the correct level during storage; if the humidity is too low more brown spots develop on the mushrooms as a result of dehydration. Consumers will not buy these mushrooms. Humidifiers therefore provide the following advantages:
•    Higher output
•    Prevention of dehydration and brown spots forming on the mushrooms

Compost Humidification

It is of utmost importance that the compost is kept damp. Humidifying the compost gives a more even result with fewer dry pockets or layers. This both improves quality and increases output. Furthermore the risk of green mould decreases as the humidifiers extract energy, in the way of warmth, from the air lowering the overall temperature, which inhibits the growth of the mold. This adiabatic cooling has a capacity of 0.68 kW per litre of water evaporated. Adiabatic humidifiers provide the following advantages:
•    Adiabatic cooling
•    Decreased risk of green mold
•    More homogeneous compost with fewer dry spots

Selecting the Right Humidifier

Humidifiers are routinely used by mushroom growers. However, help in selecting the right humidifier can pay off. A technical advisor can assist in identifying the correct humidifier for your needs, as well as providing advice on energy usage, cascade options to ensure reliability, and the related costs and savings of an adiabatic system over a steam boiler.