Carpentry and Woodwork

Humidification for Wood Processing
Do you experience problems with warping wood or does your wood crack because it is too dry? Then solve these problems with humidification! The addition of water vapour to the air increases the humidity and prevents the air drawing water from the wood.


Everyone knows that wood is highly susceptible to changes in humidity. Whether the humidity is too high or too low, the wood will react. When the humidity is high the fibres expand and the wood swells; when it is too low they shrink and the wood will warp and may even crack. This can render a finished product unusable, or it may fail to meet the required standard resulting in the need for repairs or rework. This causes delays, repair work is unpaid, and stock may even be lost. Controlling your humidity gives the following advantages:

•    Prevents the wood from warping
•    Prevents the wood from cracking
•    Reduces waste
•    Increases reliability

Dust Suppression

A key advantage of humidification is that it also suppresses dust. Fine particles of wood are very light and spread easily, being carried in the air. These dust particles bind to the water molecules in the air, making them heavier, so that they fall to the floor. This creates a healthier, more comfortable environment. Less dust in the air also reduces the demand on the ventilation system. A humidification unit provides the following extra benefits:
•    Dust suppression
•    Reduced ventilation needs
•    Healthier environment

KOMO Certification

For many companies in the Netherlands it is important keep the humidity levels regulated in compliance with KOMO certification. The timber industry has implemented this certification to assure their customers that the quality of their products is guaranteed. The SKH Institute in Wageningen, who certify wood processing companies for the KOMO label, require that untreated wood be stored in a room with a RH higher than 55%, with a humidity of 70% or above during a flash-off. This can only be guaranteed by using a humidifier.