Cold Storage

Does the quality of your produce suffer as a result of dehydration during storage? Then humidification could be the solution. The humid air prevents evaporation from the produce, thus preventing damage and maintaining quality.

Humidifying a Cold Storage Cell

Dehydration is a well-known problem within cold storage as the moisture is extracted from the air as part of the cooling process. When the humidity becomes too low, the air begins to extract moisture from the produce causing dehydration, which in turn affects the quality of the products. Lower quality products have a lower value. Humidification prevents dehydration, protecting revenues and prolonging shelf life. A humidification system has the following advantages:

  • Prevents weight loss
  • Prolongs the shelf life
  • Maintains quality

Adiabatic Humidification

Cumulus use adiabatic humidifiers in cold storage cells. Cold water evaporates into the air and is absorbed by it. This process uses the energy in the air in the form of heat and this results in an additional cooling of 0.68 kW per hour, per litre evaporated. Our systems humidify with ultra-fine droplets meaning that they can be used directly in the cool cell without wetting the contents. This provides the following advantages:

  • Free additional cooling
  • Low energy usage
  • Customised drip-free humidifiers

Custom-Built Humidifiers

Our technical advisors will help you with the design and selection of the humidifier best suited to your needs. They will visit the site in order to better assess your requirements. Any specific demands will of course also be taken into account.
Further, we will provide information about the return on your investment, the equipment itself, Legionella safety and sustainability. This ensures you receive a reliable, low-energy, drip-free and Legionella safe humidification system. We also produce our own water treatment units so your entire system will be fully integrated, and manufactured and fitted by one supplier.
We also offer rent and lease options enabling you to experience the advantages of a humidifier before investing in your own unit. Do you want to know more? Then contact our advisors who will be pleased to inform you about all the various possibilities.