Unwanted crust formation, dehydrated flour, air bubbles in the bread or an allergy to flour dust? The solution to all these problems could be the strategic positioning of humidifiers throughout the bakery. Whether humidification is required in the prover, by the kneader, or throughout the entire bakery, we have a solution!

Humidifiers in Provers

Many provers include an integrated steam humidifier. These systems are easy to install and cheap to buy making them an attractive minimum investment. However, they require much more energy to run and need more maintenance than an adiabatic humidifier. The steam generally spreads unevenly throughout the prover and there is less accurate control. This means that some shelves go unused because the dough on these shelves develops undesired crusts. An adiabatic humidifier provides the following advantages:

  • Lower energy usage
  • More accurate climate control
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Increased production capacity

Hopper Humidification

By careful positioning of the atomizers, a water film can be created which acts as lubricant around the hoppers and kneaders. This water film enables the flour to flow freely as it would with the use of oil, but without the accompanying disadvantages. Oil makes the dough sticky, creating air bubbles, and makes it harder to clean the equipment. Oil also degrades the Teflon coating. By using an adiabatic atomiser with clean water as a lubricant, oil is no longer required. This gives the following advantages:

  • Lower purchasing costs for oil
  • Increased lifespan of the Teflon layer
  • Reduced maintenance and cleaning
  • Fewer to no air bubbles in the bread

A Reduction in Flour Dust

Many bakers are allergic to flour dust. They develop occupational asthma, making it almost impossible to continue their trade. This makes reducing the levels of flour dust in the air essential. By placing humidifiers both at source and in the room, the airborne flour dust can be significantly reduced. This works at source by creating a water curtain, preventing the dust particles from spreading. By solving the problem at its source it becomes possible for affected bakers to work without medication and without masks. Additionally, the adiabatic humidifiers give a cooling effect making the work environment even more pleasant. In short it provides the following advantages:

  • Reduced flour dust in the air
  • Fewer precautions needed against flour dust
  • Healthier working environment
  • Adiabatic cooling


The Advantages of Cumulus Humidifiers

  • Prevents unwanted crust formation
  • Better control during the proving process
  • Reduces airborne flour dust levels
  • Prevents product dehydration
  • Speeds up the cooling process
  • Improved flavour and aroma
  • Energy reduction of up to 75%
  • Low maintenance humidifier