Legionella Free

Cumulus designs and manufactures Legionella safe humidifers

Safe humidification needs bacteria-free water!
Our adiabatic humidifiers increase the humidity by the evaporation of cold water; an ultra-fine mist, absorbed into the air in seconds. As people will then inhale this moist air, it stands to reason that it must be clean and safe!

Legionella Safety and Cumulus Systems

To prevent bacteria from entering the humidification system, Cumulus integrate a reversed osmosis ultra-filtration unit within our humidifiers. We manufacture these water treatment units ourselves based on the belief that they should work seamlessly with the humidification system. In our experience this is necessary to ensure the continued hygiene of the system throughout its lifetime. The purified water can further be used as process water in laboratories, for printing presses, and for other applications.

In June 2008 the ISSO, a Dutch academic association for the installation industry, published paper ISSO 55.3, with a review in 2014. This document provides technical guidelines over the Legionella safety of water towers and adiabatic humidifiers, such as the Cumulus high-pressure system. As a leading manufacturer of humidification systems we were actively involved in developing and updating both these editions of the ISSO 55.3.

We have accreditation from TÜV Nord and all our systems, including our adiabatic high-pressure units, are fully certified and comply with German hygiene standard VDI 6022 as well as the Dutch ISSO 55.3. Our systems comply with the most stringent hygiene guidelines!

The quality of Cumulus systems is further evidenced by the fact that they need only be tested for Legionella once a year. This quality is achieved by the use of technology and without the need for using chemicals such silver oxide.
A summary of ISSO 55.3 is available in the download section of our website.