Servicing and Maintenance of Condair Steam Humidfiers

Are you looking for a partner to take over the servicing and maintenance of a Condair steam humidifier? Whether it be it a Condair MK 5, a Condair MK 4, or a Condair RS we can offer our assistance, providing you with fast and efficient service. Further, we can offer advice on possible energy savings. We provide a complete service to your clients leaving you free to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Prompt Servicing of Condair Steam Humidifiers

It’s no secret that Condair steam humidifiers need regular maintenance. It may be a case of simply changing the steam cylinders, or the unit may be due a full service. If you are looking for a contractor, or even a new contractor because your existing service provider is unsatisfactory, or has too slow a response time, we can guarantee a rapid response from our team of advisors and a professional service of your Condair steam humidifier, carried out by experienced engineers.
We operate throughout Europe and therefore can offer a competitive price for your maintenance contract . With more than 25 years of experience in the humidification industry our engineers are well trained in all the various systems available.

Performance Contracts and Energy Savings

Many clients are looking for low maintenance, energy efficient installations. These requirements will often be listed in a Performance Contract, which may include energy savings among the targets to be reached. Our engineers and advisors are trained not only in the maintenance of steam humidifiers and humidification installations, but also in spotting energy saving possibilities and potential modifications to make them more efficient and maintenance friendly. Seeing as an electric humidification system can account  for up to 15% of the energy bill in an average office building, any savings made can help you achieve your energy reduction targets. Our recommendations are immediately tested for feasibility, and we check to see if any subsidies are available for the modifications we’ve advised. This means that you and your client are guaranteed the best solution; more energy efficient  and low maintenance.

The Advantages

Cumulus will service your Condair steam humidifier promptly and professionally. Your client is ensured of a working installation and you and your business will no longer have to concern yourselves with the humidification system. We provide the following:

A Fast Service
A Competitive Quote
Energy Saving Advice
Full Maintenance

If you wish to know more, or would like a price quote, then don’t hesitate to contact us!