Lease and Rental Humidification Systems

It may not always be opportune to purchase a humidification system.  As an alternative Cumulus offers systems for lease or rental. This provides you with the immediate benefits of a humidification system but without the purchase costs. 

Rental Humidifiers

Cumulus offers many different types of rental installations such as ultrasonic, air assisted and high pressure humidifiers. All systems are designed to be ‘plug and play’ so they can be quickly installed with minimum assembly. Rental humidifiers are ideal for testing how humidification can benefit you and your business but without the upfront investment costs. In many cases we can then offer you a discount based on the rental costs paid when you then proceed to buy a Cumulus humidification system. This makes rental an ideal, low risk, economical option. If you wish to rent a humidifier, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

Lease Constructions

An alternative to renting or buying a humidifier is to lease a system. Cumulus can provide a humidification system on the basis of an operating lease. The Cumulus humidifiers are particularly suited to this style of contract, being durable with very low energy usage, and requiring little maintenance. There is no upfront investment required, just a low monthly payment. This provides you with the immediate benefits of a humidification system, whilst we continue to look after the servicing and maintenance. Leasing is an ideal solution for rented offices, enabling you to provide low cost, energy efficient humidification without being dependent on the building’s proprietor. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or a quote.