Original Equipment Manufacturers

Cumulus is specialised in providing humidifiers to be integrated into other manufacturers’ products. Are you looking for something in particular and finding that the standard catalogue units don’t meet your requirements? Then we can produce a custom-built model and provide a unit to meet your specific demands.

Custom-Built Humidifiers

Our technical advisors are experienced in designing products for a wide spectrum of customers and to be used for many different applications. This experience in designing specific humidifiers means that we can offer effective solutions fast. 

We can design and build products exactly the way you want them because we engineer, manufacture, and install them ourselves. We can even provide servicing should you require it.

Do you need a custom-built unit? Then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Low Development Costs

We specialise in custom-built products, and because our manufacturing line is set up for this, we can produce the products relatively cheaply.  Further, from design to production, we work fast and with direct lines of communication. Our units will be ready to go within a short lead time.