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Another brand-new Cumro Express ready and waiting to be shipped to a customer in France!

process water offset printing

The Cumro Express waiting to be packaged and shipped.

The Cumro Express is a plug and play water treatment unit specially designed for offset printing. It produces stable process water, which when used with hardening agents can be used for printing without IPA. Isopropyl alcohol is highly toxic, highly flammable, and damaging both to the environment and to human health. Exposure to the chemical can cause liver failure, kidney damage, and a host of other side-effects. As the graphics industry moves away from using IPA, the Cumro Express provides a simple and effective solution. Coming complete with water softener, reverse osmosis filters, and dosage pumps, the unit requires minimal installation, needing only to be connected to the mains water supply and drainage system. Calibration is easy as the unit comes with preset parameters. Options include a break tank with CA back-flow protector, a second dosing pump for roller washers, refill alarms, and an integrated conductivity meter etc. The mineral and bacteria-free water may also be used for humidification, if required.

If you would like a continuous supply of stable process water to improve the quality, production levels, and up-time of your presses, then contact us for more information. We can help your business!